Bernafon Hearing Aids


Bernafon introduced the world’s first digitally programmable hearing instrument in 1988. The introduction of such a revolutionary hearing system marked a quantum leap, and with it, Bernafon made a lasting impression in the hearing instrument industry. In 2002, Bernafon struck again, introducing the first Channel Free™ hearing system, a unique approach to signal processing.

Today, digital signal processing, improved miniaturization, as well as creative and innovative programming have resulted in increasingly complex systems with expanded customer benefits.

Bernafon hearing systems are offered in a full array of styles, colors and options and can easily be operated with optional remote controls and linked to other communication devices via Bluetooth® technology. Bernafon hearing solutions can either be worn almost invisibly in and behind-the-ear, or visibly in a playfully fashionable way

Types of hearing aids



BTE hearing aids fit behind your ear; 

they vary in size depending on their power performance. A standard or thin sound tube connects the hearing aid to the earpiece.



RITE solutions combine the benefits of both BTE and ITE models. The smallest RITE solutions are virtually invisible



ITE hearing aids fit in the ear canal;

they vary in size depending on their power performance. The smallest (CIC) are virtually invisible, larger models (ITC & ITE) are more powerful.

Bernafon Hearing Aids