Supremia 3


How we experience the world  depends a lot on our perspective. Sometimes, changing our perspective  changes our interpretation of the situation. Other times, changing our  perspective makes the impossible seem possible.

The Supremia Super Power BTE  (Behind-The-Ear) is Bernafon’s strongest hearing aid, offering adults  and children with a severe to profound hearing loss a new perspective in  hearing.

Selected Features



High-quality sound in all listening situations is provided thanks to  ChannelFree™ signal processing. Natural and accurate amplification makes  communication easier. 

Wireless connectivity


Connect and talk wirelessly using your SoundGate as a Bluetooth®  interface between your mobile phone and your hearing aids. Or use the  discreet SoundGate Mic for one-to-one communication in noisy  environments to understand speech more easily. Or stream the sound  directly from your TV to your hearing aids using SoundGate with the TV  Adapter. 

Frequency Composition™


 For people with a severe to profound hearing loss, it is usually a  special challenge to hear high-frequency sounds. Frequency Composition™  transfers high-frequency sound components from the source to a lower  destination range. This makes it easier to hear important speech cues. 

Fit for any lifestyle