About MED-El


MED−EL has a strong tradition of advancing the technological and scientific foundation in the field of hearing implants. The company’s strong and consistent focus on research and development will continue to fuel the pipeline of new ideas and innovations. 

Our broad portfolio of products ensures that we can provide a hearing implant solution to fit each candidate’s unique hearing loss. MED−EL was there at the beginning and they will be there for you today, tomorrow and in the future offering state−of−the−art hearing solutions that are comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Cochlear Implants



Engineered for best parallel processing precision and performance, the exceptionally small-volume and thin SONATATI100 titanium implant from MED-EL is the most advanced titanium implant on the market. The energy-efficient SONATA is also extremely durable. With over a 99% reliability rating,  the SONATA delivers peace of mind along with future readiness. SONATA  is embedded with additional capabilities that are currently untapped.  The capabilities are designed to be utilised in conjunction with future  software or audio processor upgrades. This makes SONATA the ideal implant choice for both today and the future.



The new CONCERTO Cochlear Implant from MED-EL is the industry’s smallest  CI available with titanium housing. With the same footprint, it is 25%  thinner than the SONATA titanium implant. The thinner, stronger CONCERTO  titanium implant is optimised for minimally invasive surgical techniques. The particularly small dimensions make it the ideal choice  for children and adults of all ages. CONCERTO is offered with a variety of the softest and most flexible electrode arrays ever produced for preservation of the delicate neural structures of the cochlea.



The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System combines a number of powerful technologies to provide our recipients with the most natural hearing  possible. With Triformance, Automatic Sound Management  2.0, the most comprehensive portfolio of electrodes, and 3.0 T MRI safety without magnet removal, SYNCHRONY delivers superior performance  in sync with natural hearing

Audio Processors

Opus 2


Available for Sonata and Concerto.  


The New XS

  • Smallest and Lightest Audio Processor: For children, adults and everyone in between. Simply change your wearing option with one simple click. No matter how you prefer to wear your OPUS 2XS, rest assured that you are choosing a processor designed to fit your active needs – with superior compatibility and reliability to last. 

  • Easy-to-Use Modular Design: MAESTRO is designed for your lifestyle. Stand out or be discreet  with the OPUS 2 featuring an XS battery pack. Available in a variety of  wearing options designed for children's unique needs or for the active lifestyles of adults, the OPUS 2 audio processor is made to be worn  every day.

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Rondo 2


Available for Sonata and Concerto  

Easy to use. Easy to charge. Easy to wear.

  • It's Never Been EasierTM: RONDO 2 is designed to be so easy to use, you’ll forget you’re wearing  it.  Along with its innovative wireless charging, RONDO 2 has just one simple on/off button and automatically controls volume levels for you. It’s easy to connect to your phone or TV using intelligent wireless accessories, and the compact design means it can be hidden discreetly under your hair.

  • Wireless Charging: RONDO 2’s innovative wireless charging makes it easy to  power up your processor overnight—just like your phone. But unlike your  phone there are no cables: simply place RONDO 2 on the charge pad and it will charge automatically. You’ll never have to change a battery ever  again.

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Available for Synchrony   

It's your moment

  • Effortless Listening: Life can be a handful sometimes. That's why SONNET is designed for hands-free control wherever you go. Automatic Sound Management 2.0 (ASM 2.0) actively adapts to changing listening environments, so you don't have to worry about  adjusting settings or changing programs. Focus on what you're listening to, not on which program you'll need to hear it.

  1. Microphone Directionality focuses  your hearing by using two microphones to sharpen the sounds in front of  you for better listening, especially in noisy settings. 
  2. Wind Noise Reduction minimises continuous wind noise, making it easier to hear in outdoor settings. The  levels of wind noise reduction can be adjusted for your specific needs. 
  3. Automatic Volume Control  continuously monitors your environment and seamlessly adjusts volume  levels to ensure every sound is heard clearly and comfortably. 

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Middle Ear Implant


The new standard in middle ear implants

The SOUNDBRIDGE, a unique middle ear implant system, has opened a world of new hearing possibilities for individuals who have not experienced an improvement with conventional hearing aids or cannot use  them for medical reasons . This is often the case with permanent hearing loss after middle ear surgery or when hearing aids cannot be worn due to chronic ear canal inflammation (i.e., otitis externa). The SOUNDBRIDGE can be an effective solution for cases of mild to severe  sensorineural hearing loss, as well as for conductive or mixed hearing loss. 

In contrast to a hearing aid - which can only make sounds  entering the ear canal louder - the SOUNDBRIDGE converts the signals  from the environment into mechanical vibrations. This mechanical energy  directly stimulates the structures of the middle ear and allows even high-pitched tones to be perceived exceptionally well.   

How the SOUNDBRIDGE works:

  1. Sounds are picked up by the microphone of the audio processor.
  2. The audio processor converts sound into electrical signals.
  3. These signals are transmitted through the skin to the implanted part.
  4. The implant transmits the signals to the FMT (Floating Mass Transducer).
  5. The FMT converts the signal into mechanical vibrations that  directly stimulate a middle ear structure (e.g., the ossicular chain)  causing it to vibrate.
  6. These vibrations then conduct sound to the inner ear where they are passed on to the brain and are perceived as sound.

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The audio processor - design meets technology

The SAMBA  is the latest generation of audio processor for the SOUNDBRIDGE and  BONEBRIDGE. The SAMBA does what its name suggests: it’s colourful,  versatile and brings sound and joy to your life. With the  interchangeable covers of the SAMBA audio processor it's your choice  whether to hide the audio processor underneath your hair or make an  expressive individual statement. For its innovative design, the SAMBA  won the renowned Red Dot Design Award 2014. Along with the stunning  design, the SAMBA impresses with sophisticated hearing technology. 

Bone Conduction Implants


BONEBRIDGE - The First Active Bone Conduction Implant

The BONEBRIDGE, the world's first active bone conduction implant system, can be an effective solution for individuals with lasting hearing loss following a middle ear operation, malformations, or generally for conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. It is also an option for individuals with single-sided deafness.
With conductive or mixed hearing loss, sound cannot take the natural path through the outer and middle ear to the inner ear. With the BONEBRIDGE, the sound waves are transmitted via bone conduction directly  to the inner ear, where they are processed as natural sound. The  BONEBRIDGE ensures optimal daily hearing performance while remaining  discreet and unobtrusive. 


SAMBA The audio processor - design meets technology

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Individual, award winning design
  • Intelligent, self-learning hearing system
  • High wearing comfort

The SAMBA  is the latest generation of audio processor for the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE  and BONEBRIDGE. The SAMBA does what its name suggests: it’s colourful, versatile and brings sound and joy to your life. With the  interchangeable covers of the SAMBA audio processor it's your choice  whether to hide the audio processor underneath your hair or make an expressive individual statement. For its innovative design, the SAMBA  won the renowned Red Dot Design Award 2014. Along with the stunning  design, the SAMBA impresses with sophisticated hearing technology.