Zerena 7


Advanced features in Category 7 hearing  aids deliver impressive sound quality. Sounds are amplified naturally  and accurately with the focus automatically on speech in noisy  environments.

The perfect choice for people who  are looking for hearing aids that are easy to use, fully automatic in  most situations, and provide a high level of listening comfort.

Selected Features



Dynamic Speech Processing™ or DSP™  amplifies the  signal based on level and the signal-to-noise information. No matter how  the listening environment changes, the hearing aid will respond   appropriately for optimized speech understanding. 

Binaural Noise Manager


 This feature applies noise reduction to each ear independently. Noise  can be reduced on one side while speech is still amplified appropriately  on the other side. 

Tinnitus SoundSupport


Amplification is an effective first step in managing tinnitus. With our  combined hearing and tinnitus instruments, Tinnitus SoundSupport is an  additional option. It is easily activated and adjusted to accommodate  changing tinnitus needs and there are multiple relief sounds available.  

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