Zerena 5


Advanced technology in the mid-range Category 5 hearing aids makes a difference. Natural sound perception and  enhanced speech understanding make conversations more comfortable and  less tiring.

The perfect choice for people who want listening to be easier and more comfortable.

Selected Features



Dynamic Speech Processing™ or DSP™  amplifies the  signal based on  level and the signal-to-noise information. No matter  how the listening environment changes, the hearing aid will respond   appropriately for optimized speech understanding. 

Transient Noise Reduction


This feature immediately suppresses undesired, unexpected, and impulsive  loud  sounds such as the rustling of newspaper, the blow from a hammer,  or silverware clattering. Hear accurately and comfortably in conditions  where intrusive transient noise is present. 

Adaptation Manager


Not everyone is prepared to wear their new hearing aids fully programmed  to the prescribed amplification right away. With the Adaptation  Manager,  clients can have the full prescription straight away, or they  can have a period of time where the gain is gradually and automatically  increased to their prescribed level. 

Fit for any lifestyle


Fit for your ears