Zerena 1


Zerena 1 solutions facilitate entry into  the world of quality hearings aids. They offer natural sound perception  and speech understanding in environments with dynamic background noise.

They connect wirelessly to Bluetooth®  compatible devices such as mobile phones. The perfect choice for people  looking for better hearing and quality technology at an affordable price.

With Zerena 1 ...

Focus on natural sound perception


Focus on good speech understanding


Focus on wearing comfort


Fit for your ears


Zerena 1 family


Get connected

The Zerena hearing aid is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and allows for direct communication and control with an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod®touch.  A range of wireless accessories are also available to enhance the use  of your hearing aid and enable you to hear and communicate better in  everyday situations. Wirelessly connect to the SoundClip-A, a remote  control, TV, landline phones, Android™ smartphones* and tablets, and more.