The best mix of better hearing, wireless connectivity, and value for money is found in Category 3 hearing aids. Natural sound perception and speech understanding in situations with changing background noise is a priority.

The perfect choice for price-conscious people who don't want compromises in communication and connectivity.

Selected Features

Adaptive Directionality in 2 bands


 Elimination of up to two varying noise sources. Conversations are more  relaxed and as comfortable and clear as possible, even in challenging  situations with more than one person. Great speech understanding and  natural sound localization in all listening situations. 

One touch volume and program control in a pair of hearing aids


Both hearing aids can communicate and exchange information based on the  changing environment or on a deliberate action such as changing the  program or the volume. Binaural coordination substantially contributes  to easier and more convenient handling and improved listening  performance and comfort. 

Wireless connectivity


Connect and talk wirelessly using your SoundGate as a Bluetooth®  interface between your mobile phone and your hearing aids. Or use the  discreet SoundGate Mic for one-to-one communication in noisy  environments to understand speech more easily. Or let the sound come  directly from your TV to your hearing aids using SoundGate with the TV  Adapter. 

Fit for any lifestyle


Fit for any ear