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About Maico

For more than seven decades MAICO has been an innovator in audiological instruments, developing, producing and distributing reliable products ranging from hearing screening to diagnostic solutions.

MAICO has grown over the years to fulfill the specialized needs of the growing field of audiology. From screening audiometers for school nurses and GPs to complex diagnostic instruments for in-depth examination, MAICO provides novel and efficient tools for hearing professionals. 

The future of MAICO is to continue our commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology; fast, reliable service; usability and customer support.

MI 34 H
Maico, Tympanometers
Features - Specifications       

MI 34 H with 1000 Hz High Frequency Probe Tone
Fast, automatic tests - Tympanogram in 3 seconds
Ipsi- and contralateral reflex tests with 4 frequencies
Reflex Decay Test
Eustachian tube function test for intact and perforated eardrums
Handheld, adjustable probe for diagnostic and screening purposes
Graphical realtime display
Fast, virtually silent printout of test reslts