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About Bernafon

Bernafon  every product pools highest standards of Swiss Engineering; ever since in 1946 Hans Gfeller Junior developed a hearing instrument, Switzerland's first,  for his father, the founder of Bernafon.

Bernafon introduced the world’s first digitally programmable hearing instrument in 1988. The introduction of such a revolutionary hearing system marked a quantum leap, and with it, Bernafon made a lasting impression in the hearing instrument industry. In 2002, Bernafon struck again, introducing the first Channel Free™ hearing system, a unique approach to signal processing.

Today, digital signal processing, improved miniaturization, as well as creative and innovative programming have resulted in increasingly complex systems with expanded customer benefits.

Bernafon hearing systems are offered in a full array of styles, colors and options and can easily be operated with optional remote controls and linked to other communication devices via Bluetooth® technology. Bernafon hearing solutions can either be worn almost invisibly in and behind-the-ear, or visibly in a playfully fashionable way.

Bernafon, Hearing Aids


The super power instrument. 

The preferred choice for individuals with a severe or profound hearing loss

Ensures optimal performance and comfort.

 Xtreme 120 Features

• 5 Channel Digital Signal Processing
• Adaptive Feedback Canceller
• Adaptive Noise Reduction
• Soft Noise Management
• Variable Time Constants
• Fully programmable Telecoil
• Fully programmable DAI
• Volume Control with OFF-function
• Status Light
• 3 Program switch
• FM and DAI compatible